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Employee Search
The entire executive search program is strategically planned by our senior recruiters who then commence venturing with our clients.
Team Build Up
Adriyana boasts of a skilled team of professionals who are well-versed at handling clients from a wide range of industries.
Team Leadership
Based across all nooks and corners of the country, we have mapped clients and have served them consistently over all these years.
Employee Induction
Employee Induction is the first step of welcoming new employees to the company and preparing them for their respective roles.
We have garnered a great reputation and fame and stand as one among the topmost Recruitment Agency in Delhi NCR.
Retention Planning
In the age of cutting edge competition, every business requires a skilled workforce that can accelerate the pace of growth.


We are passionate about finding better ways to operate and lead. Our consulting and advisory services focus on creating exceptional results.

Finding Better Ways to Operate and Lead

We are passionate about finding better ways to operate and lead. Our consulting and advisory services focus on creating exceptional results by

  • Creating strategies to expand and drive profound brand loyalty internally and externally
  • Optimizing & streamlining business operations
  • Developing strong organizational structures
  • Identifying solutions for growth as well as operational efficiencies
  • Elevating leadership skills.

Our approach is value- and result-driven. When engaging with us, we

  • Align the organization to experience large scale impact and unprecedented sustainable growth
  • Identify the most pressing issues and areas of inefficiencies
  • Uncover significant cost savings
  • Review and optimize key components important for your success
  • Identify areas and opportunities for growth
  • Put critical improvements in place
  • Plan and develop an effective business strategy
  • Optimize consistency and alignment of brand components across organizational levels
  • Develop your unique differentiation, value proposition and positioning strategy
  • Evaluate the Return On Investment (ROI) on your initiatives and determine what works and what doesn’t, what is worth your time and resources, and what should be eliminated And much more.

We are here to help you create new levels of company & brand loyalty internally and externally, and take pride in supporting you to achieve large-scale impact and high-growth without increasing budgets.

Building a Corporate Coaching Culture

A leader’s #1 job is to “create more leaders”. According to Gallup Polls, the global average for employee engagement sits at only 20%. Their research also shows devastatingly high numbers of employees who are disengaged and actively disengaged. It is these employees who send the wrong message out to the world about your organization to disrupt your growth. Working with our Global Consulting Team you will discover exciting ways to build a coaching culture with which to methodically raise your employee engagement. Engaged employees are happy and productive which means corporate goals have a better chance of being achieved.

Retention Planning

Retention Management is the set of policies and strategies that are used to retain an employee in the organization. Symbiosis is an equally beneficial relationship between two organisms; the same way in the corporate sector the employees see their growth in the growth of the company. Allow us to help you design these policies and strategies for employee retention through employee engagement.

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