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Corporate Training

Adriyana Solutions provides both off-the-shelf and customized onsite corporate training programs to companies, government, associations, universities, and other organizations who want to train people in the skills rarely taught in schools.

What Makes Adriyana Solutions Training Different?

  • Our training is customized to meet your organizations specific needs. You get to speak with your trainer before the class, not just a sales representative who won’t be there on the day of delivery.
  • We do not convince you to work with us by making a long list of unrealistic promises.
  • Tell us about your programming needs and we will work closely with you to develop dynamic content that delivers practical information.
  • To help ensure your satisfaction, upon request, you will see the training schedules before the session.
  • Our programs are designed to include lecture, practice exercises, and discussion. Our goal is to engage participants and not to provide a comfortable opportunity for them to relax.

Training Plan

Sl No. Module Core Methods Orientation Level Duration Type
1 Graduation 2 Corporate Effective Corporate Life Transition Teamwork, Reponsibility, Identity, Career & Knowledge Inductive Greater than 3Yr Executive 2-3 Day Workshop
Benchmarks for Team Working Gain deeper understanding of self, experience of relating
2 I Coach Reportee Coaching Acknowledge, Understand the current state of the coachee (skills, behaviour, role) Upskill Sr.Managers 2-3 Day Workshop
Explore the desired vision in terms of skills, behaviors
Focus on Actions and Accountibility through immediate
3 Winning Teams Collaboration & Strategic Intent Experimentation and Refection where participants are guided to understand each other and the human dynamics resulting from different styles, preferances and behavior. Upskill Mid-Level 3 Day Residential
Achieve Challenging Goals Participants see how they affect theit colleagues – negatively and positively and gain practical tools and frameworks that help them work more effectively.
Synergize The program works best for teams that need to energize, develop synergies while working across functions, break silos, and unblock communication channels
4 Managing Successful Change Managing Successful Change Ability to positively influence the actions of a key group of people. Participants are helped gain insights in skills and in the theory and practice of change management. Understanding the change process, dynamics of resistance and stakeholder needs. Upskill Mid-Level 2 Day Workshop
5 Communications Effective Communicator Bring confidence and effectiveness to people struggling with key communication skills , lacking assertiveness or shying from difficult conversation. The sessions use video feedback to build skills to address large groups, deal with difficult conversations including feedback exchange. The program addresses both the Theory (what happens in the mind) and skills(how to overcome) to become more effective and create an impact. Upskill Mid-Level 2 Day Workshop
6 Innovate Consistant Innovations Lateral thinking techniques to explore out of the box and dig in new boxes. Supporting Break though ideas with Discipline and Processes. Build Brainstorming Skills and apply them to the workplace. Provocation and Movement to to generate alternatives and understand how a culture of lateral thinking works Upskill Mid-Level 2 Day Workshop
7 Persuasion & Influence Removing Barriers to Alignment Examine a natural persuation style and understand how to win the other side over. How to frame and present their ideas, arguments, reason with the other side and remove barriers. Upskill Junior
2 Day Workshop
8 EQ Managing Emotions Positively Aims at understanding the EQ framework- the levels from self awareness to managing relationships- and utilizing it. The ability to identify, use, understand and manage emotions in a postive and constructive way. Build awareness and practice in recognizing their own emotional state and emotional states of others. Strategic Mid-Level 2 Day Workshop
9 Personal Effectiveness Self Awareness ,Achievement To strectch and build self belief, enhance work effectiveness skills, and tap their true potential. An experimental program with engaging activities to emphasis the learnings. Upskill Mid-Level 3 Day Residential

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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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